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Gerara Trading PLC has been a pacesetter in the construction and development space and constantly increasing the service of mega projects.

About Us

Founded in2010, Gerara Trading PLC has been a pacesetter in the construction and development space ever since, constantly increasing the service of mega projects like Ethiopian airlines, ICT parks, Meskele square, and many more projects in Ethiopia. Companies who work with Gerara have easier life we invite you to be one of them.

Our Services

Renting Very good standard

  1. Dump trucks with capacity ranging from 14 M to 18 M
  2. Low beds up to 60 Tone loading capacity
  3. Water/shower trucks and fuel trucks
  4. Brand new excavators, up-to 2 M* loading capacity packet size
  5. Road graders
  6. Compacting rollers up to 18 tones
  7. Bull dozer, D8R
  8. Pickup cars for field work
  9. Excavation and bulk removal for road other construction projects as subcontractor
  10. Supply construction materials like sand, Cement, sub-base materials and reinforcement bars and the like.

With our vibrant service:

  1. You will be well equipped with safety equipment, safety boots, reflective jackets, helmets, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, mechanical tools, shovels, and hydraulic jacks.
  2. Experienced drivers who can also possess excellent mechanical skills towropes and enough toolkits…. etc.
  3. A couple spares wheels for off roads
  4. Fully covered under comprehensive insurance including 3 Party coverage
  5. Quality Management

The benefit of working with us will Avoid

  1. Any complication with tax authorities (Ethiopian Revenue &Customs Authority)
  2. unnecessary bureaucracy
  3. Speeding tax fee papers and other related documents
  4. Employees strike and disobedience
  5. Theft and burglary of Fuel, Construction Materials and Working Hours
  6. cultural misunderstanding & related problems

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